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Products are made in the factory but brands are created in the mind
Walter Landor

We Are

“Les Arts” is a dynamic, full service advertising, design and branding agency. Our focus is on the potential that lies in the heart of every successful brand. By offering our unique perspective on any communication brief, we strive to deliver through-the-line strategic and creative designs. At Les Arts, we aspire to change the face of design.

Witty, Wild, Wise and Welcoming are the sum of four major criteria on which our agency is founded.


    We simply execute witty ideas. Wit the combination of inteligence and humor, gives you the pleasure of decoding the message on one hand and the satisfaction once you decipher the visual on the other hand. Thus, we always strive to execute our designs with an utmost witty style.

  • WILD

    When it comes to competition, we are wild. This characteristic gives us an ardent wish and a determination to enthusiastically implement our decisions. We have an agressive business personality that is eagerly involved in a non-stop struggle to achieve success, and reach leadership. Nevertheless, we never give up our business ethics.

  • WISE

    Experience is the mother of wisdom, yet intelligence is its tool. We are always keen on implementing smart and effective decisions concerning our strategic thinking and planning. Our main concern lies in the reputation and the image of our company. Wisdom shall always be our virtue.

  • Welcoming

    The agency-client liaison that exists between you and us is highly based on honesty, accuracy and professionalism. Our relationship forms a family of an exceptional will and ambition. It is a welcoming long-term friendship towards success and accomplishments.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

We Deliver

Our services include, below and above line activities, brand development and consulting,
strategic design thinking and communication, digital marketing and social media design.

Below the line activities

Corporate identities, branding strategies, packaging, labeling, posters, brochures, flyers, catalogues, profiles...

Above the line activities

Press ads, Magazines insertions.
TV campaigns
( storyboard and production )
Outdoor communication
( billboards, unipoles, lamposts, bus stop...)

Concept design solutions

Project designs and prototyping.

Digital Marketing

Social media, online campaigns, website design and development, applications.

We Create

Les Arts is composed of a creative and dynamic group of talents who are passionate about design. Our projects are the fruit of our creativity and strategic thinking.

Our Amazing Key Members

Les Arts is comprised of only the most innovative and creative individuals that form a family of outstanding potential and talents.

Victor Raidy

Managing Director

Tony Trad

Creative Director

Halim Choueiry

Design Process Strategist

Alan Joe Khoudair

Director. Co. Partner

Sandy Mahfouz


Elie Mahfouz

Conceptual Designer

Rabih Kai

Digital Expert

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